Fence Install

So here you are either looking for a new fence, repair, or total replacement.

From our experience may we say the most important thing that you can do at this stage is educate yourself as to what you are getting for your money, it is well worth getting several quotes as you will find differences in quality, material type, warranty and many other questions that can be answered. It is also a good time to research the various companies and see some on-line reviews.

Did you know that often the BBB has ratings for companies even if they are not members? We use them all the time for who to hire or refer. The more you know, the better you will be able to make your decision as to what to do next.

We have been building fences since 1995 and can build any kind of fence that you want, from standard privacy fence to highly custom and decorative. We build cedar, iron, split rail, dowel, vinyl the works. Many of our customers will show us pictures of what they want. One lady gave us a tiny fence made from popsicle sticks and we created it in her yard.

The owner is Ross Sutherland and he will be the person that meets with you and the one putting in the posts with his crew and building the fence too. There is nothing worse than meeting with a contractor, deciding to go with them and never seeing that person again.

By the time you give us the go ahead, every aspect of what you want will have been discussed so that there is no grey area, hidden costs or missed communication We are here to help and make this short journey a really pleasant one.

We want you to tell your friends and family how great we were, and everything that we have done was well worth the cost.