About Us

WHO ARE WE ? My name is Ross Sutherland. I came to the U.S. in 1995 from England as a young man. I am married to Julie and we have two awesome little ones Callie and Cole. My mom was a teacher and my dad was a policeman.

In England I had been building fences since the age of 13 with a man named Peter Knight, a well respected tree surgeon and horticulturist. When I left college studying electrical and mechanical engineering, I became a real estate agent and after 6 years of that, I went into the promotions industry doing a lot of travelling.

When I came to America in the 90’s I didn’t know what to do, as life moved so fast here compared to England, and I didn’t have any contacts or even know my way around.

I was amazed that you guys could build small towns in months and it wasn’t long before I started my first company down south doing landscaping and maintenance. There was a drought in 1997 and I lost a lot of clients as they were forced to turn off their sprinklers and rebuild when the water came back.

That is when I started Buckinghams Fence. Buckinghams has been a great success, and my purpose was always to give exceptional quality and customer service which I truly believe that customers deserve. In 2010 it was time to give back to the community in another way so I went through Fire academy and served as an active volunteer Fire-fighter for about two and a half years. I met some amazing people that have dedicated their lives to helping people.

In 2006 I started spending a lot of time in Fort Collins and fell in love with the place and the great energy of the people and in 2010 was when I decided to start making plans to start Fort Collins Fence.

After we had completed our first subdivision fence replacement on Lemay Avenue, I knew that we had made the right decision and it was time to focus all of my energy and spend the rest of my career here in Northern Colorado. I look forward to meeting a lot of new and interesting people, and of course building a lot of fantastic fences.

Fort Collins Fence Company
PO Box 270186
Fort Collins, Colorado
Phone: (970) 692-9041
Email: sales@fortcollinsfence.com