HOA/Property Management

Over the years, we have replaced some really big sub division fences and we have a great reputation for doing this type of work. When dealing with multiple homeowners we face various challenges, including scheduling issues, security, families’ safety etc and we have it all covered. We did one in 2014 at Lemay Avenue Estates along Lemay Avenue where we provided security temporary fence free of charge. No homeowner was without barrier for more than 12 hours. Working closely with property management companies that answer to HOA’s requires communication, value for money, quality and trust.

Large scale undertakings are really fun and to see the end results with everyone happy is very rewarding. That is why we are in business. Everything else is secondary.

Ross is on site at all times and all staff are in uniform to be easily identified. Politeness and respect to all are part of our obligation to all of our customers.

We have many property management companies that have worked exclusively with us for years. Some require us to do repairs to keep older fences working well and others are ready for complete replacement. We are always looking for new companies to build strong, long term relationships with.

We work hard to help people through the process, we notify each individual homeowner that is affected either in person, by flyer or telephone. We have an on site liaison to deal with homeowner concerns and try to take the weight from the HOA and management companies during the entire process.

We have a healthy resume of large projects that we have completed and are happy to share this with any HOA or property management company that would like the information.