We are extremely proficient at repairs. The most common problem we see is improperly installed posts that have snapped right at the ground level. It is hard work because the old post and concrete that is left in the ground must be dug out and the new post must go in the exact same place for the post replacement to work correctly. We do so many of these that we are totally set up for it on our trucks, and we have standard pricing. We warranty our new posts for 5 years, and I think that we are the only company that does this.

If it can be repaired we will do it!

Many fences get hit by cars or snow plows or just blow down in high wind areas. Just call and we will put them back up as fast as we can to keep dogs in or just for security purposes.

Many people think that the fence is a total loss if it comes down but often we can save a fence with a few new posts and some hard work, which will save you a bunch of cash.

It is good to walk your fence line at least once a year to see if you have any posts that are failing. We recommend getting them fixed as soon as possible because one failed post can bring down 3 or 4 more unnecessarily.